Degrees & Diplomas

  • CES Post‐graduate certificate Anatomy and Organogenesis (1987)
  • University Degree Biology and Sport Medicine (Nice, 1993)
  • University Degree Dietetics and Human Nutrition (Nice, 1994)
  • Doctorate in Medicine (Nice, 1995)
  • Specialization in General Practice (Nice, 1995)
  • Anatomy Courses for the surperficial structures of the face and the neck: Botulinum Toxin injectiontechniques (Nice, 2002)
  • Inter‐University Diploma in Morphological and Anti‐aging Medecine(Paris XIII).(the only examination officially recognized in France by the French Medical Board) (2009)

  • Member of SOFMMAA : French Society of Morphological and Anti-aging Medecine
  • Member of SAMCEP: French Riviera Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Medicine and Surgery